The Hong Kong Centre for Islamic Finance (HKCIF), a division of Allalah Consulting, is the pre-eminent Hong Kong organisation facilitating knowledge and practical experience transfer as well as thoughtful leadership within the Islamic finance arena.  Wafee Yeung currently acts as the Director of HKCIF.

HKCIF's goals are:-

1. Raise the awareness of Islamic finance by developing comprehensive and unique training programmes as well as research methodologies and capabilities;

2. Build up the bondings between government, practitioners, academics and community;

3. Strengthen the global partnerships and collaborations with leading international Islamic finance scholars to contribute to the research and development of Shariah-compliant products and services as well as Islamic banking industry;

4. Organise events and conferences in view to enhance Islamic finance research, practices, public awareness and support. 

HKCIF's services include:-

1. Islamic finance consultation

2. Islamic Finance Professional Development Programme (IFPDP)

3. Trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences

4. Research and development of Islamic finance products and services

Contact our Director, Wafee Yeung for details on our services, collaboration opportunities and IFPDP

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